How to start pvc electric wires & cables manufacturing business plan Project Report

How to start pvc electric wires & cables manufacturing business plan project report

Introduction :

Pvc cables are used for power distribution in all types of electrical wiring, control cables, telephone cables and signaling in railways. With the development of industrial sector and with increase in power generation the demand of the cable is going to be more.

A cable comprises two or more wires which are bonded, twisted, or braided together to form an assembly. The wires and cables are encapsulated with non-conducting plastic materials, usually, PVC or polyethylene, to impart protection to users and the surrounding environment.

Market potential of pvc electric wire and cable:

This product has got a very good scope in the present market. With the rural development program embark upon by the government of india and various states spell out vast scope of cables. Small scale sector in india occupy a significant role in the cable industry. More than 50% l.t. Cable is manufactured in small scale sector. Electric wire and PVC cable market in India to grow at a CAGR of 16.18% over the period 2015-2019. The demand for domestic electric cable will increase firstly. This is due to ambitious programme for electrification and house building. It also due to renovation job as old cable has to be removed to avoid any short circuit due to ageing with the new advanced cable of high conductivity in given size with perfect insulation against any electric fault. Some of the bulk purchasers of this product are coal fields & collieries, Electricity Boards, Railways, All types of Power Stations, Aviation industry and Housing Boards/Colonisers.

Basis & presumptions:

I) the basis for calculation of production capacity has been taken on single shift basis on 75% efficiency.
ii) the maximum capacity utilization on single shift basis for 300 days a year. During first year and second year of operations the capacity utilization is 60% and 80% respectively. The unit is expected to achieve full capacity utilization from the third year onward.
iii) interest on term loan and working capital loan has been taken at the rate of 16% on an average. This rate may vary depending upon the policy of the financial institutions/agencies from time to time.
iv) the cost of machinery and equipments refer to a particular make / model and prices are approximate.
V) the break-even point percentage indicated is of full capacity utilization.
Vi) the project preparation cost etc. Whenever required could be considered under pre-operative expenses.
Vii) the essential production machinery and test equipment required for the project have been indicated. The unit may also utilize common test facilities available at electronics test & development centres (etdcs) and electronic regional test laboratories (ertls) and regional testing centres (rtcs).

Manufacturing process of pvc electric wire and cable :

E.c. Grade aluminium wire of the required size is fed into the extruder where in pvc is coated on the wire to the specified thickness. The extruded wire after passing through the cooling tank is coiled on the take off system. The wire is coiled into the length of 100 metres and tested as per is specification.

 Production capacity per annum:

36000 coils of 1.5 sq. Mm average size of wire.
Rs. 54,00,000/-

Motive power : 20 k.w.

Pollution control :

No objection certificate is required from concerned agencies.

Energy conservation:

Better conductivity material is required to be used for pvc cable manufacturing to avoid voltage drop and resulting in energy loss.

Financial aspects

(a) fixed capital

(i) land and building

Covered area required 1000 sq. Mtrs.

Plant machinery and equipment for pvc electric wires & cables manufacturing:

1. Pvc extruder and wire coating machine 50 mm complete with cooling through supply stand take up unit control panel with automatic temperature indicator controller and electrical motors.

2. Wire straightening equipment

3. Cable printing machine

4. Measuring & coiling machine

5. Extrusion dies, knozzles etc.

Testing equipments

6. Spark tester ( 0 to 11 kv)

7. Vernier micrometer 0.25 mm least count 0.001 mm

8. Travelling microscope 0.100 mm least count 0.001 magnification 10x

9. Chemical balance 0.200 gm least measure 0.1 mg

10. Kalvin’s double bridge

11. Tensile testing machine capacity 50 – 100 kg.

12. Electrically heater thermostatically controlled air cooled oven, size 450 mm x 450 mm temperature ranges up to 200+10c.

13. Pressure test apparatus (for hot deformation)

14. High voltage test set ac (0 to 10 kv)

Electrification & installation charges @ 10% of plant & machinery
Cost of office equipment etc.
Misc. Tools & dies etc.

Grand total              :                                                           4,18,000/-

Machine Manufacturer and supplier of pvc electric wire and cable and raw material Manufacturer and supplier of pvc electric wire and cable

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