Online Hydroponic Farming Training Program


Become a hydroponic expert; training for a career or business in hydroponic production or services. Learn to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers in hydroponics; as a hobby, or for self sufficiency at home. Great course for home gardeners.

With this Hydroponics training program, you will be able to start your own hydroponic garden. Grow fresh vegetables without any pesticides right at the comfort of your home.


Training Date –  28 July to 1 July 2021

Timing –  08:00 pm to 9:00 pm ( 5 days ) 

Conducted By : Go Garden By Hemant Mishra

Venue - Online through google meet app

Contact No.  9198529180 ( Manish Pandey )

Fees –  Rs 3500/- ( Thirty Five Hundred only )

You may Google pay, Paytm, on this nos 9044776916

TOPICS OF ONLINE TRAINING                                      

1. SEEDLING METHODS                               

a. Different types of seedling methods to germinate indian and exotic seeds                 

b. How to care and maintain seedlings                

c. Nutrient dose in seedlings                      


2. TYPES OF SETUPS                         

a. How to make different setups like hydroponics,aquaponics, dutch bucket, aeroponics and passive hydroponics.                      

b. Which plants are suitable for which type of methods.                   

c. Flow rate of nutrients in different setups.                 


3. pH MANAGEMENT                                  

a. Total pH management                 

b. Why and when  pH is to be controlled            

c. Easy  methods to control pH variation.                       


4. PEST MANAGEMENT                              

a. How save your plants from pest                       

b. 5 Organic methods  of pest management                  

c. How to select best method of pest management                



a. Three stage general hydroponic nutrients preparation from basic salts                       

b. Preperation of A-B-C Solution of hydroponic nutrients                 

c. Preperation of hydroponic nutrients in very low cost                   


6. NET SHADE AND POLY HOUSE                         

a. Which system is better in different weather condition and in different areas            

costing involved                

b. Benefits of net shades and polyhouse             


7. INDOOR LIGHTS AND INDOOR SETUPS                                

a. types of lights in diffents stages of plants                   

b. color selection of lights                

c. Running cost of lights                   


8. COMMERCIAL ASPECTS OF HYDROPONICS                        

a. How to sell your produce                       

b. Where to sell your produce                   

c. economic viability of hydroponics                   


Note- You can ask questions during the live sessions, It is 5 days training. Each day one hour class will be held from 8 pm to 9 pm after five days, assistance shall be provided for growing plants through Whatsapp. 

HOW TO MAKE HYDROPONIC NUTRIENT SOLUTION AT HOME / घर में हाइड्रोपोनिक न्यूट्रिएंट सोल्युशन कैसे बनाये !!


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